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Tuomas "Nile" Nilsson - Vocals

Oskari Mäkinen - Guitar / Backin' voc

Petja Piensalo - Guitar

Eemi Lamberg - Bass / Backin' voc

Valtter "Vallu" Kousa - Drums / idk

World wide management & booking:

"Fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Palaye Royale and Slipknot will most definitely have to check out St. Aurora’s excellent debut EP!"

"And as support they brought the brand new rising stars of the alternative rock outfit St. Aurora for their debut show! That resulted in a sold out show and an absolutely electric night!"

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear others... welcome to the joyfully warped and inspiringly eclectic mindscape of the Helsinkian alt-rockers St. Aurora. The circus has arrived... and it's here to stay.


The five-piece outfit's music is like nothing you've ever seen or heard being sown on Finnish soil. The immensely creative, unabashedly eccentric, and forward-thinking quintet have – since their 2020 emergence as bassist Eemi Lamberg's means to channel his artistry on his own terms – tiredlessly and driven by sheer passion moulded their diverse mixture of alternative rock, post-hardcore, raucous theatrics, and the whims of childlike imagination into a powerful and undoubtedly one of a kind sound. You might be able to identify tinges of St. Aurora's paragons in their sonics, but the intricately and meticulously crafted soundscape still feels like an entity with its own, distinctive shades and faces.


Where the group's debut EP _They All Remember_ more clearly showcased a budding band paying homage to their influences and musical heroes, their sophomore effort truly sees the enchantingly loony bunch come into their own artistically, both as a band and as individuals adding their own persona, musicianship, and flavour into the concoction.


After making a name for themselves through playing a series of energetic live shows and building a steady and enthusiastic fanbase in their hometown of Helsinki, the group is even more armed and ready to take the alt-rock scene by storm. St. Aurora are preparing for the outing of their sophomore EP, a maelstrom of five new tracks, which is set for release in late 2023.

Nearing the end of 2020, the Biritish Metal Hammer magazine chose St. Aurora's single "Hold the Line" as one of the best new metal songs of the year. 

At the beginning of 2023 their unreleased song "Going to Heaven" was selected from 7800 applicants for the new Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty soundtrack. The game will be released on September 26th 


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Siilinpesä xD

+358 401952688

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